Buckets of Hope

Buckets of Hope is a program where 5 gallon buckets are shipped to disaster areas when it has become safe for people to start the cleaning process. Each bucket contains 14 common cleaning items. We have partnered with organizations such as Catholic Charities, local disaster coordinators, The International Union of Operating Engineers and various moving companies to move filled buckets to a place of need. HOTW raises the money to purchase buckets. These buckets are then distributed to local parishes in the Chicago Archdiocese. Parishes have either fund raise to purchase the items for the buckets or distributes buckets to families to fill them on their own. To date, we have shipped over $70,000 worth of cleaning supplies to disaster areas.

A “Bucket of Hope” contains the following items:

  1. Five-gallon bucket with lid furnished by: Hope’s on the Way
  2. Liquid laundry detergent, two, 25 oz. bottles or one 50 oz. bottle
  3. Liquid household cleaner, 12 to 16 oz. cleaner that can be mixed with water. (No Bleach)
  4. Dish soap 16 to 28 oz. bottle any brand
  5. One can of air freshener (aerosol or pump)
  6. One scrub brush-plastic or wooden handle (No toilet bowl, kitchen or dish brushes)
  7. 18 cleaning handy wipes or reusable wipes. (No terry cleaning towels)
  8. Seven sponges (No cellulose due to mold issue)
  9. Five scouring pads (No pads of any kind that will rust)
  10. Fifty clothes pins
  11. Clothes line (two 50-foot or one 100-foot, cotton or plastic)
  12. Twenty-four bag roll of heavy duty trash bags (30 to 45-gallon size)
  13. Five dust masks
  14. Two pairs of disposable waterproof gloves (rubber or latex)
  15. One pair of work gloves (cotton or leather — leather palms necessary)

Buckets sent to:

November 2018: 264 buckets shipped to St. Dominic Church (Catholic Charities) in Panama City FL

April 2018: 200 buckets shipped to Bishop of Marquese PR

January 2018: 100 buckets shipped to Catholic Charities in Yarourgh, NC

2017: 230 buckets shipped to Diaconate office in Shreveport LA

2017: 200 buckets shipped to International Operating Engineers office in Houston