2017 Ongoing renovation of St. Mary’s Retreat House in Lemont

Since April 2017 until September 2018 HOTW local response has been the renovation of St Mary’s Retreat House.

Beginning with many volunteers they helped:
with the installation 79 new donated replacement windows,
the bedroom walls were washed down,
new curtains were made,
new mattresses were purchased,
and over 70 new headboards were constructed,
a water leak required the tear out of two bedroom walls
and sections of the dinning room wall before repairs to the pipes were made.
the dinning room walls were refurbished by removing laminate panels,
installing dry wall and mudding, sanding and then painting the wall,
new cabinet storage spaces were built and,
new cabinet doors were made and install in the dinning room,
cabinets and tables were sanded and refinished,
coasters were installed for easy movement,
lobby was up dated with the removal of a large wooden display case,
new sofas, chairs and floor lamps were installed,
shower spaces were changed with new cedar benches and cedar floor mats.
installed new led lighting in lobby, dinning room, meeting spaces, and hall ways,
installed motion sensor switches to control lights in bedrooms, and rest rooms.

Our restoration efforts is to provide a renovated site for the AA groups who have found help at St Mary’s Retreat House well over 50 years. And in the future to aid other addiction ministries with a place to help healing to those who seek help.