"Buckets of Hope" for 2016 Victims of Louisiana Flooding

Hope’s on the Way is a group of deacons and volunteers who have been helping victims of disasters since 2005. In response to 2016 Louisiana Flooding, Hope’s on the Way has developed an effort to provide 5-gallon buckets filled with cleaning supplies. We will be collecting the items listed below from September 8 to September 27 (the Feast of St. Vincent De Paul). These buckets will be delivered free to Catholic churches and Catholic agencies in Louisiana for distribution to storm victims in the affected areas. We are asking for donations of any of the items on the list -- from a few sponges to a whole bucket filled with products. Whatever you can give will help fulfill Hope’s on the Way mission of 500 filled buckets. To help, we will deliver 30 buckets and lids will be delivered to participating Chicago parishes by September 17. Local parish volunteers can place an items list and items into buckets before sealing the bucket. Thank you for your assistance to those in need.

A "Bucket of Hope" contains the following items:

  1. Five-gallon bucket with lid furnished by: Hope's on the Way
  2. Liquid laundry detergent, two, 25 oz. bottles or one 50 oz. bottle
  3. Liquid household cleaner, 12 to 16 oz. cleaner that can be mixed with water. (No Bleach)
  4. Dish soap 16 to 28 oz. bottle any brand
  5. One can of air freshener (aerosol or pump)
  6. One scrub brush-plastic or wooden handle (No toilet bowl, kitchen or dish brushes)
  7. 18 cleaning handy wipes or reusable wipes. (No terry cleaning towels)
  8. Seven sponges (No cellulose due to mold issue)
  9. Five scouring pads (No pads of any kind that will rust)
  10. Fifty clothes pins
  11. Clothes line (two 50-foot or one 100- foot, cotton or plastic)
  12. Twenty-four bag roll of heavy duty trash bags (30 to 45-gallon size)
  13. Five dust masks
  14. Two pairs of disposable waterproof gloves (rubber or latex)
  15. One pair of work gloves (cotton or leather -- leather palms necessary)

NOTE: Most of the items on this list are $1.00 at Dollar Tree except for 30 gal heavy duty trash bags which are available at Big Red a box of 50 is $9.99 which averages $5.00 for 25 bags in two buckets. The 14 items should cost about $25.00.

Updated October 10,2016:

October 7, St. Barbara's central collection site Buckets of Hope 2016 were blessed by Fr. Mike and ready for transport to St. Patrick's, Lemont

October 10, St. Patrick's The 400 Buckets of Hope 2016 at curb side were being loaded onto semi- trailer destination St. Martinville, LA ., Norte Dame Parish site. Truck left 8:00am

October 11, Truck arrived by 1:00PM and volunteers unloaded buckets at Notre Dame Parish. Confirmation from Deacon Ed Bustany, Director Catholic Charities, Lafayette Diocese.

The 400 Buckets of Hope 2016 represent the donations of cash to purchase supplies and donated cleaning supplies from 6 parishes with the cooperation of many parishioners managed with help of deacons: Ron Morowczynski, EdPulchar, Tony Cocco, Jim Janicek, Rich Werner, Gregory Webster, Joe Winblad

Contact if you have Questions: Deacon Joe Winblad 312-833-9170

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