A Fresh look for the St. Vincent Family Store

On Friday and Saturday, November 28 & 29, 2008, when most are out doing their annual shopping frenzy, a group of 40 men and women and children volunteers assembled at the St. Vincent De Paul Family Store, 9316 S. Western in Chicago, to light up the store just in time for Christmas.

Under the Hope’s on the Way banner, deacons and volunteers and members of the St. Rene sixth-grade class and their parents turned the 9,000 square foot building into an inviting space. They applied a lot of love and care and over 25 gallons and paint. From the walls to the tin ceiling, to the book shelves, to the radiators; every inch received a fresh coat of paint.

The pictures tell the tale of the amount of work achieved by each days crew.

St. Vincent de Paul continues to provide charitable items to those in need. It was time to help the giver. Hope’s on the Way and the children of St. Rene gave. They received more than a sore neck and a few blisters. What they took home with them was priceless!

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