Mission 12: St. Peter and Paul Social Center Renovation at 124th & Halsted

Many years ago a wonderful social center building stood on the grounds of St. Peter and Paul Parish. At the start of this project we found a building that had been reduced by time, water and weather damage.. Contacted by Fr. Pascal, the new pastor, Hope’s on the Way presented a plan to completely rebuild the structure to give the parishioners a new place to call their own.

With Deacon Joe Winblad accepting the challenge as project manager an outline of the volunteer hours and materials needed was prepared. Through past and present parishioners donations and from friends of Fr. Pascal materials began to arrive. Deacons and volunteers of Hope’s on the Way spent long weekends (Friday to Monday) from October 1st to accomplish the work. Through the constant support of volunteers from Hope’s on the Way the building was rebuilt from top to bottom over a period of three months, October to December, 2010.

Before the work

The work that got accomplished was:
1. Cleanup of exterior
2. Removal of tree encroaching on building
3. New electrical hookup to building
4. Exterior painting of wood siding
5. New roof installation
6. New steel doors
7. New inside electrical connections
8. New inside lights and installation
9. Patching and refinishing of drywall
10. Painting of walls
11. New bathroom fixtures
12. New ceramic tile floor
13. New furnace and AC unit
14. New hot water heater
15. Over all misc. items

The pictures tell the story of the over 800 man hours of time donated by Hope’s on the Way volunteers. On Sunday, January 11, 2011, Father Paschal had a Mass and dedication of the building to say thank you to the volunteers for a job well done!

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