Mission 14 to Washington, Illinois

On November 17, 2013 a horrific tornado ravaged Washington, IL and other surrounding communities of central Illinois. The people of these communities are still struggling to rebuild and find hope in the future. The ministry of Hope's on the Way joined in their struggle during the week of November 10-14, 2014. Bethany Community Church of Washington, has taken on the project of building 8 foot by 8 foot storage sheds to be placed on the property of citizens rebuilding their homes. Hope's on the Way gave its assistance to this project.

The Hope's on the Way board is grateful to God for a safe and productive completion of this mission. The board wishes to thank all who in whatever way assisted. Father Kurt Boras pastor and the parishioners of Saint Patrick in Lemont, who were generous in financial donations. The pastor of the Slovenian Mission who provided space to park our vehicles during the week. The physical labor and building expertise which was provided by deacons; John Vidmar, Jack Herrmann, Jim Dieters, Rich Werner, Dan Troy, and Joe Winblad. As much labor and expertise was given by HOTW volunteers,; Jeremy Garrity, Don Krengiel, Linda Rybski, Rich Rybski and Steve Michaels. During the week hearty meals were prepared by Ruth Kroll and Jenny Jarosz. Pastor Ben Davidson of Bethany Community Church provided us with the work site and a wonderful dinner on Wednesday at the local Cummings Family Restaurant. Pastor Josh Monda of First Baptist Church of Washington hosted our overnight stay and gave us the use of their kitchen and social room.

We left the Slovenian Mission in Lemont at 8:00 AM Monday morning and arrived at 10:35 AM at Bethany Community Church. Pastor Ben Davidson welcomed us and with project advisor Bill Strawbridge gave us a tour of the pole barn and explained the area of working space for the building of the sheds. After a local restaurant lunch some team members returned to the pole barn to set up tools and plan needed assembly materials for the sheds. The rest went to meet Pastor Josh at First Baptist Church and finalize the arrangement of sleeping space, dinning and kitchen use. Ruth and Jenny began the dinner preparations. The rest of us returned to the pole barn and began work.

One uncompleted shed was in the pole barn work area when we arrived together with the necessary 2 by 4 's and plywood sheeting. By noon on Friday we finished that one and completed four others of our own labor.

Some reflections of the team:

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