Hopes on the Way – Mission 10 – May 9th through 16, New Orleans

By: Deacon Ron Morowczynski, Trip Leader

The group for trip number 10
The team for the tenth trip to New Orleans gathers early in the morning. Volunteers: Karl Krizka, Jim Banas, Marty Fredrick, Jim Flynn, Ray Gavin, Eric Hann, Ruth Kroll, Mary Jo Kienzie, Angel Zamundio, Ron Morowczynski, Rich Werner, Rich Dougherty, Brian Shamie, Joe Glista.

Saturday May 9th 2009

Sunday May 10th (Mothers Day)

Monday May 11th.

We did it all mudding/sanding /applying texture coating/ tiling /outside window & door trim, etc. We stopped work around 4PM

Tuesday May 12th.

Wednesday May13th.


In the Parade

Thursday May 14th.

They want to see for themselves, -- Ground 0. While I was hesitant in allowing this because of our tight schedule I felt that I owed it to them to see this.

Friday May 15th.

Saturday May 16th.

Ron thanks the members of the board for allowing him the opportunity to be a part of this mission.  Church World Service has set up a web site to monitor the progress of the 12 homes they are working on in the Little Wood area. You can view our homes on: Gus Street and Downman  by going to http://neighborhoodneworleans.org. The last thing their project leader said to me before we left is that they would welcome us back with open arms.

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