"Buckets of Hope" for Victims of Sandy

Hope’s on the Way, a group of people conscious of their gifts who have been helping victims of disaster's since 2005 has developed a program to provide five-gallon buckets filled with cleaning supplies for the victims of Sandy. Items were collected between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day at parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago, and collected at the 14 drop-off sites. As of December 26, 2012 the collection sites are closed. On December 27 and 28, the completed buckets were picked up by Pickens-Kane Companies. Delivery by Reliable Moving and Storage was completed on January 10th.

On behalf of Hope's on the Way we wish to thank all who participated in the Buckets of Hope program. Over 500 buckets of cleaning supplies were sent to the Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey, and to Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Kings, & Staten Island counties in New York, to assist in the recovery of those in distress because of hurricane Sandy. Because of your generous assistance we were able to surpass our goal sending sixty-four cases of additional products and several boxes of miscellaneous items that will be divided equally between the two destinations.

Click here to listen to Deacon Sal Lema discussing Buckets of Hope on Relevent Radio 950 am.

Hope's on the Way has been successful because of the sacrifices of many people. Individuals gave freely, donating over 60,000 cleaning supply items, monetary donations, many hours of their time, free council, and free delivery of the buckets and additional supplies to their final destinations in New Jersey and New York. The buckets send more than cleaning supplies; they send our prayers and good wishes that this assistance might turn a tear into a smile and help remove despair as they realize that hope is ever present in our world.

We wish to especially thank the following for their generous assistance:
James P. Munroe, President Pickens-Kane Companies
Don Krengiel, Allied Van Lines, Westmont
Peter Toscano, President, Reliable Moving & Storage, Elizabeth, NJ
Deacon Richard Hudzik, Co-Vicar, Deacons of Chicago
Deacon Charles Jindrich, President RIC, Inc.
Harry Austin, President, James Austin Company, Mars, PA
Robert Deer, President United Press, Inc.

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